Humanities And Arts Academy Of Los Angeles

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Mission & Vision

The Humanities & Arts (HArts) Academy of Los Angeles is a personalized high school that emphasizes the arts and humanities preparing students for college by providing a stimulating, rigorous, interdisciplinary curriculum supported by innovative teaching practices and modern technology.

The Humanities & Arts (HArts) Academy of Los Angeles is a small, autonomously operated high school serving students in grades 9-12 with an enrollment of approximately 600 students.

HArts Academy operates autonomously on the Narbonne High School campus. The students and staff of our school have a shared identity rooted in our interest in the arts and humanities. Our school builds on this identity with a governance structure that creates a vibrant learning environment, an environment that:

  • develops lifelong learners who are prepared for college and careers;
  • cultivates a high level of academic standards, personal responsibility, and accountability;
  • establishes a strong sense of community, reflected in high graduation rates;
  • embraces creative and collaborative partnerships and decision-making;
  • employs innovation, flexibility, and creativity in order to nurture 21st century skills;
  • fosters collaboration and shared responsibility between students, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents;
  • promotes the academic success of students through collaboration among teachers, staff, parents, colleges, businesses, social services, and cultural institutions.

Collaborative relationships with our community partners enable HArts Academy to expand and enrich our curriculum and extra-curriculum programs.

Our Harbor Area of Los Angeles is a large, diverse community, and there is much to be celebrated in our corner of the South Bay. HArts Academy embraces this diversity and creates an environment of well-being, both physical and emotional.