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ASB (Associated Student Body/student government) meets with Mr. Denman in H10 during 4th period.

We offer a great Senior Activity class and are able to host different fun events for our senior class and school. However, we want the rest of the school to be represented too.  Each grade level can have members as representatives in our leadership (ASB) class.

In order to be a part of the ASB class you must have grade point average of at least 2.5.

You are also required to fill out an application which you can receive from Mr. Denman in H10.

The ASB class gives students a chance to be a part of our schools many diverse events and to be in one of many different committees such as, Fundraising, Student Affairs, Campus Experience, Character Counts, Historian and Publicity.

As an ASB member you get the opportunity to give your input and improve the schools cleanliness, beauty, and events.  

We offer student government positions which oversee our leadership (ASB) class, positions are as follows:

President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Historian.

Each of these positions will be available and every year new candidates run to be selected by students.

To be selected as a grade-level officer in student government you must:

  • Have at least a GPA of 3.0
  • Complete an application form from K6(Acquire from Mr. Denman)
  • You must have all the required signatures
  • Campaign
  • Finally deliver a speech to the entire student body.

Student Government is a great way to be involved and better our small Harts community. Interested? Talk to Mr. Denman, or one of our current members of ASB and they will give the correct steps to be a part of our student government body.

All fund raising will follow each class until each class' graduation year. 

Please note: ALL representatives of HArts will be held to high standards. Any student who behaves unbecoming of a HArts student - on or off campus - will be immediately dismissed. 

Your Student Government and Senior Activities Advisors are: Mr. Denman and Ms. Lopez