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What kind of classes can my child take?
Because pilot schools are meant to be small, some classes will not be available, but classes based on that school's theme will be offered exclusively through HArts. While HArts will offer some Advanced Placement (AP) classes, not all AP classes will be available. HArts will be offering AP classes, primarily in English and Social Studies and will develop more in the math and science disciplines as our school grows. The majority of classes will be at honors level. HArts will be college prep at its core foundation as well as place an emphasis on the arts. We intend to invest our resources in both getting all students prepared to enter and succeed in college as well as provide a rich set of opportunities to explore and experience the performing and visual arts. HArts students will not be allowed to take any of Narbonne’s classes and vice-versa. Every student will meet his or her A-G class requirements for graduation and those who wish to enter college will be fully prepared to do so. 

If I don't like the HArts Academy, may I go back to Narbonne classes?
HArts students will be allowed to return to Narbonne High School after the completion of the academic year if they choose to do so.

What kind of sports will HArts have?
All students attending classes on the Narbonne Campus, as well as home schooled students in the Narbonne attendance area, may try-out and play for Narbonne High School teams. HArts students may or may not have a sports period for their sport, but may participate in after school practices.


I'm in 11th grade and want to graduate with my friends. What happens if I join HArts

For its first year, The HArts Academy will hold graduation on the same day as Narbonne High in the Auditorium. The Graduations will start close to the same time so you will be able to see the people you want to see before and after the ceremonies.

My son/daughter is in eighth grade in the Narbonne High attendance area, how do I apply?
Narbonne is a Zone of Choice school. Your child will be given time at school to apply to the school they want to on line using a district system. Each student will rank their first and second choices for which school they want to attend: HArts or Narbonne. Their choice will be printed out on a form that your middle school will print out to give to the student. When they bring the form home it will have their choice on it. You may change the choice on the form before signing it. Once the form is signed and the student turns it in, you will be in line to attend the school of your choice. If the form is not signed and returned, but a choice was made on the computer system, your child will be sorted after all students who had a signed form are given their choice. If they neither rank their choice on line or sign a form, they will be randomly assigned to a school. We encourage that you and your child fill out an HArts Academy student application and return to us in addition to your electronic enrollment. Please see the "News" section for downloads. 

How many students does HArts have?

Enrollment for HArts will be between 550 and 600 students. If you are a middle school parent, there will approximately 150 openings with preference being given to those who apply first. 

Does my child have to perform in a show?

Students will follow either a performing or visual arts pathway. Each pathway has its own requirements, but both involve public displays of student work. Performing arts students who work behind the stage, do not have to appear on stage.

Is any special equipment required?

All equipment necessary to attend HArts Academy will be provided by the school. Having access to technology at home is ideal. If that is a problem, there is a computer lab in K1 with printer access for a nominal fee.  Also the municipal library has computer stations available to the public. Your child will be provided with, and taught how to use, a Google Gmail account upon entering HArts. Gmail accounts have access to document, spreadsheet, presentation and other programs and storage. These accounts are provided free by the District.