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Photography, Filmmaking, Yearbook

Photography: Learn how to use all the functions on a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera, discover phone camera functions you never knew existed and create great photographs. Periods 3 and 5.
Filmmaking: An introduction to video production including storyboarding, script writing, recording video, recording sound, and video editing on the industry standard DaVinci Resolve platform. Periods 2 and 4.
Yearbook: One of the most challenging classes. Students publish a book the creation of which requires, layout design, writing, photography, advertising, marketing, sales and business management. Period 7
HArts Homeroom Advisory: Learn about the HArts Way, practical life skills, getting into college, finance and more.
Helpful Links:
Mr. Bunnell's YouTube channel.
Web Based Editors
Graphic design online with: Vectr
Photo Editing: Pixlr
Free Software:
Vector Editing: Inkscape
Photo Editing: GIMP
Photo Management: Darktable
Sound Recording/Editing: Audacity